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Kenya National Parks and Game Reserves

Aberdares National Park

The Aberdare National Park is part of the Aberdare Mountain Range, a fascinating region of Kenya. Aberdares was made famous because it is Aberdares National Park Kenya, Kenya national parks and game reservesunique park that Princess Elizabeth spent the night in a unique tree hotel and became Queen upon her father's death. Aberdares National Park is famous for mountain ranges and peaks that soar to around 14,000 ft giving way to deep V-shaped valleys with streams and rivers cascading over spectacular waterfalls - this area is a must for landscape lovers.

Wildlife in Aberdares National Park include the endangered Bongo - a rare and elusive forest antelope, eland, serval cats, elephant, buffalo, lion, rhino, leopard, baboon, Black and White Colobus and Sykes monkeys. Rare sightings have also been made of the Golden cat. Bird viewing is incredible with over 250 species recorded including Jackson's Franklin, sparrow hawk, African goshawk, eagles, sunbirds and plovers.

Mount Kenya National Park

Kenya National parks and game reserves, Mount Kenya National ParkAt 5199m high, Mount Kenya is Africa's second highest mountain after mount Kilimanjaro. It offers easy or challenging ascents with superb scenic beauty. Part of Mount Kenya's fascination is the variation in flora and fauna as the altitude changes. The lower slopes are covered with dry upland forest, the true mountane (mountain) forest begins at 2000m is mainly cedar and podo. Wildlife found in Mount Kenya National Park are Sunni buck, Mount Kenya mole, shrew, skinks (lizard) and variety of owls. Occasional sightings have been recorded of albino zebra.

Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserves

Kenya National parks and game reservesSamburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserves neighbours each and all the the mighty Ewaso Nyiro river, Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserves offer unique vistas of rounded and rugged hills and undulating plains. The mix of wood and grassland with riverine forest and swamp is home to a wide variety of animal and birdlife. Game viewing and visibility is excellent. Game includes the following animals unique to this area - Reticulated giraffe, Grevy's zebra, Somali ostrich, gerenuk. Other animals include elephant, oryx, hippo, crocodile, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Kenya national parks and game reserves, Lake Nakuru National ParkLake Nakuru National Park offers a wide ecological diversity, from lake water, woodland to the rocky escarpment and ridges. Notable game within the park includes: Black and White Rhino, buffalo, leopard, lion, Rothschild's giraffe, White and Black Colobus monkey, eland, steinbok, impala, Chandlers Reedbuck, dik dik, rock hyrax, klipspringer, hippo and clawless otter.

Lake Nakuru National Park is world famous for its stunning flocks of lesser flamingo which literally turn its shores pink. Its birdlife is world-renowned and offers over 400 species of both aquatic and terrestrial birds.

Lake Naivasha

Lake NaivashaLake Naivasha is a beautiful freshwater lake, fringed by thick papyrus, much of the Lake Naivasha is surrounded by forests of the yellow barked Acacia Xanthophlea, known as the yellow fever tree. These forests abound with bird life, and Naivasha is known as a world class birding destination.

The waters of the lake draw a great range of game to these shores. Giraffes wander among the acacia, Buffalo wallow in the swamps and Colobus monkeys call from the treetops while the Lakes large hippo population sleep the day out in the shallows.  Lake Naivash is home to an incredible variety of bird species.

Lake Baringo

Lake Baringo is the most northerly of the Rift Valley Lakes. It can be reached from Nairobi in a day or you can break the journey by stopping at Lake Nakuru or Lake Naivasha. Lake Baringo, a fresh water lake in the Rift, is a peaceful oasis in the dry thorn country, bursting with bird life and with a captivating characteristic of its own. L Baringo possesses two major ornithological attractions: the Gibraltar Island with the largest nesting colony of Goliath Herons in East Africa and the escarpment immediately west of Campi ya Samaki on the western side of the lake. It is the home of Verreaux's Eagle, rare Bristle crowned Starling and Hemprich's Hornbill. Apart from birds, the lake houses a sizeable population of crocodile's and hippos. One of the major attractions to the Lake Baringo is the rare Greater Kudu.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve

The main attraction of the Lake Bogoria National Reserve would have to be the lake from which the hot springs can be seen erupting, along with the geysers. The springs erupt 2.5 -3 meters into the air and carry with them a strong pungent sulfur smell. However scenic, the water is dangerously hot and visitors are asked to tread carefully.

The thousands of flamingos that flock the lake Bogoria, turning the shores pink. Wildlife can also be seen camouflaged in the bushy grassland surrounding lake Bogoria. These include buffalos, zebras, impalas, dik dik. One of the major attractions to the Lake Bogoria National Reserve is the rare Greater Kudu.

Maasai Mara Game Reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve is probably the most famous and most visited wildlife reserve in Kenya. Masai Mara National Reserve's terrain consists of vast stretches of uninterrupted plains, savannah spotted with acacia woodlands gives way to a more varied landscape with hills and mountains. Masai Mara National Reserve teems with wildlife and the mostly permanent water network from the Mara-Talek rivers provides the animals with a year round supply of water.

The most spectacular feature is the annual migration of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle from the plains of Serengeti that cross the Tanzanian border and rivers to reach the Mara's grasslands from late June, tracked by predators: lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and circled by vultures as the journey unfolds, the migration provides a game viewing experience that is not equaled anywhere else in Africa

Amboseli National ParkAmboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is situated at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, the park's landscape is open and bushy savannah dotted with thickets and some acacias. Amboseli National Park offers a wide variety of wildlife but the principal attraction is its vast herds of elephant within the park. Other wildlife in Amboseli National Park includes: zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, impala, leopard, caracal and serval cat. The park boasts a rich bird life such as ibis, egret, avocet, common and saddle-billed stork, secretary bird, heron, vultures, ducks, and geese.

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National ParkTsavo East National Park is Kenya's largest National Parks, covering approx. 40 per cent of the total area of all Kenya's National Parks. It's beautiful landscape and proximity to the coast makes it a popular safari destination. Bushy grassland and open plains alternate with savannah and semi-arid acacia scrub and woodlands.The Yatta plateau is the world's largest lava flow.

Wildlife that can be seen in Tsavo East National Park include elephant, lion, leopard, crocodile, waterbuck, kudu, gerenuk, giraffe, zebra among others. 500 bird species are recorded including ostrich and some migratory kestrels and buzzards stop at Tsavo-East during their long flight south.

Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park offers tremendous views with diverse habitats ranging from mountains, river forest, plains, lakes and wooded grassland. Game include: cheetah, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, plains game, crocodile and small mammals including mongoose, hyrax, dik dik and the nocturnal porcupine. Mzima springs is a star attraction, a pool of natural spring water with underwater viewing hides for observing hippos. Chyulu Hills National Park is an extenstion of Tsavo West National Park. The Chyulus are a volcanic mountain range with a mix of volcanic cones and barren lava flows, of which the most interesting in Shetani, meaning "Devil" in Swahili.

This is where the notorious "Man Eaters of Tsavo", man-eating lions preyed on the railway linesman building the great Uganda railway in 1900. The park has important historic connections as a major battleground in World War I where British and German troops battled for supremacy.



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